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Some Rather Useful Bookmarks

Nota Bene: I have not annotated the URLs yet. Also, the selection and organizational arrangement of these URLs does not claim to be anything other than idiosyncratic.

South Africa

Africa Policy Home Page
African Hut (for SA products)
African Studies Association (ASA)
African Studies WWW (U. Penn)
American Connections to Africa, Inc.
Eco- and Adventure Travel in Southern Africa
FAQ for soc.culture.south-africa
LINK 2 SOUTH AFRICA (SA Consulate General, LA)
Mayibuye Centre (UWC)
M-Net Home Page
M-Web Interactive Home Page
Objects of Defiance -- Net art exhibition
South Africa Page (Mary Washington Coll.)
South African National Gallery
Southern African Review of Books
Standard Bank Natl Arts Festival

S.A. Education

Educational Related Links (Univ., Technikons)
INTEC - Distance Education
IR Dept. at the Univ. of the Witwatersrand
PE Technikon Lib. Srvc -- Education Links
The Globewide Network Academy
Univ. of the Orange Free State
Univ. of Venda Home Page
University of Port Elizabeth
Vista University Home Page

S.A. Government

Cape Town Home Page
Parliament of South Africa
Republic of South Africa Page
SA Government anthem
SA Government Index
South African Broadcasting Corp.
South African Constitutional Assembly
Truth and Reconciliation Commission

S.A. Link Sites

Africa--Links from GeoCritica
Gavin's S.A. Politics WWW Site
PE Technikon Lib. Srvc Ref. & Research Links
Port Elizabeth Technikon Library Services South African Links
SA Net Resources
South Africa Page (U.Penn site)
The SA Web-Chart

S.A. News

Business Times Online
Cape Argus Home Page
Daily Dispatch (Pretoria)
eBeeld (Johannesburg)
Mail & Guardian Home Page
MEDIA-Link Newspapers, Africa
Stellenbosch Virtual Village Eikestad Nuus
Streak's Week
The Black World Today News Frontpage
The Natal Witness - Online Edition
The Star Internet Edition
WOZA real news

S.A. Organizations

African National Congress Home Page
Env'l Justice Links (S.A. Envt Project)
Idasa Home Page (NGOs)
Politically-oriented Net Sites
Rainbow Revolution - Welcome!
S.African Exchange Program on Env'l Justice

S.A. Search Engines

Ananzi South Africa (Search Engine)
Fanagalo search engine
GOGGA - Search The South African Press
Search Engines (Govt & all SA domains)
Za.Zoo-Search (M-Web)
Zebra - The Black & White Search Engine

S.A. Weather

SA Weather Bureau Home Page
Yahoo! Weather for S. Afr.


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Citizen Alert Home Page (Nevada)
Fedworld at NRC
Greenpeace International Nuclear Campaign
Long Island SHAD - Brookhaven National Lab
National Transuranic Waste Program (WIPP)
Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)
Radiation & Public Health Project
Ten Risky Places by Mark Monmonier
Three Mile Island Alert
U.S. NRC--Excite Search
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

News-Type Sources

CNN Interactive
Computer Chronicles
Discovery Online, Earth Alert
History (PBS online)
Internet Cafe
NPR Programs
PBS Online Homepage
TechWeb (CMPnet)
The Online NewsHour (PBS)

Environmental Justice (EJ)

BEES - Environmental Justice - Multi Disciplinary Approach
CPN Topics - Environment
Ecological Risk Analysis Tools (ornl)
EJ Arcview Project (NC DOT)
Env'l Constitutional Amdt--Pace Univ.
ILTweb BC3017 Environmental Data Analysis
Initiative 19 Research Projects
MapCruzin(tm) - EPA TRI and Environmental Justice - Right to Know
NYU Env'l Justice --Mapping Resources (V. Been)
NYU Env'l Justice---Legal Challenges
Race, Poverty, & Environment (
TOP LEVEL GIS Section --NC DOT data
Villanova Envtl. Law Journal -- Internet Center

Government Agencies and EJ Issues

Agency Strategies (NYU Sch. of Law)
Department of the Navy Environmental Program
Maryland Advisory Council on Env'l Justice
Massachusetts--Exec. Ofc. of Env'l Affairs
Nat'l Env'l Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC)
NC Govt Info--Env'l Justice
OECA - Environmental Justice (EPA)
South Coast Air Quality Mgmt District
Texas Natural Res Conserv. Commsn--Env'l Equity

EJ Grassroots Orgs

CCHW Center for Health, Env't & Justice
Clean Sites, Inc.
Green Industry - Issues - Environmental Justice
Green Link---Ohio & Midwest
Int'l Bro. of Painters & Allied Trades
National Coalition for Health and Env'l Justice
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly
RTK NET Homepage
S.African Exchange Program on Env'l Justice
Social Issues of Envl Eguity (McGill U.)
The EcoJustice Network
United Church of Christ Comm'n on Racial Justice

Local EJ orgs

Arctic Circle Social Equity and Env'l Justice
Charlotte Women for Env'l Justice (NC)
Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living
Community Coalition for EJ (Washington State)
Community Coalition for Environmental Justice
Ctr for Community Action and Env'l Justice
EJ & Community Outreach-Washtenaw County, MI
Harlem Env'l Access Project
HarlemEnv'l Access Proj. Ref Page
Indigenous Environmental Network
Mississippi River Basin Alliance
NJ Campaign for Jobs & Env'l Justice
Northeast Env'l Justice Networks
NYC Environmental Justice Alliance
NYCEJA--Transportation & Env'l Justice
Redwood Alliance
S. Central Oklahoma Env'l Justice Resource Ctr
Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund
SoundWeb (Puget Sound)
South Central Oklahoma EJ Res.Ctr Services
Southeast Alliance for Environmental Justice
US-Mex. Border Env'l Justice Campaign

EJ Info--courses, data, etc

! MapCruzin(tm) - EPA TRI & Env'l Justice - Right to Know
! Pollution Mapping Projects and Toxics Databases
! Scorecard (Env'l Defense Fund)
EJ Course Mat'l (James Elkins, WVU)
EJ Courses at U. Mich. (snre)
EJ Information Page (U. of Mich, Sch of Nat Resources & Env)
Environmental Justice Resource Ctr (CAU)
Env'l Justice Clinic at Thurgood Marshall Sch ol Law
Gopher directory at (EJ)
Mini-GIS-based course on EJ
NYU Env'l Justice -Background Reading (Vicki Been)
Program on Env'l Justice Education Research (Paine Coll.)
Role of SNRE in EJ Mvmt (Bunyan Bryant, U. Mich.)
TRI 1993 - ARC (GIS) Coverages by State

EJ Link Sites

!! CCEJ -- EJ Links
Antioch New England Grad School Library
ATSDR - ATSDR Information Center Bookmarks
Envirofacts Warehouse Homepage
EnviroLink Library - Environmental Justice
Environmental Equity -- Links (UT, Austin)
Environmental Justice Links (U. Mich.)
Env'l Bureau of Investigation (EBI) -- Links
HarlemEnv'l Access Proj. Ref Page
Native Americans & the Environment
Non-govt organizations---citations
Pollution Mapping Projects & Toxics Databases (Envirolink)

Other EJ Organizations

Environmental Institute of Houston
Env'l Org. WebDirectory
Golden Gate Univ. Env'l Law & Justice Clinic
Nat'l Ecology Commission (Secular Franciscans)

Search Engines (and Strings) for EJ Topics

AltaVista Simple Query environmental justice
ENN Search Results (for 'environmental justice')
FindLaw - LawCrawler (ej)
FindLaw - LawCrawler (US States -- 'env'l justice')
Northern Light Search -- 'environmental equity'
SUNsite search--'env'l justice'--at SUNsite itself

E-Texts & E-Journals

Antigone--Sophocles (Internet Classics Archive)
Apology by Plato (Internet Classics Archive)
Avalon Project at Yale Law School (docs)
ConnecText---Registry for Online Textbooks
Military Treaties, Pacts, & Agreements (Yahoo!)
MUSE - Home Page (Johns Hopkins U.P.)
Society for Philosophy & Technology


American Demographics Mag (business)
Brown Electronic Article Review Service (BEARS)
Chronicon--electronic history journal
Electronic Green Journal - ISSN 1076-7975
Electronic J. of Analytic Philosophy
Electronic Journal of Sociology
Electronic Newsstand
Essays in History (UVA)
E-Zine List (John Labovitz)
FindLaw Environmental Law Journals
Geographies of Transformation (on-line journal)
JGIDA - J. of Geog. Info & Decision Analysis
Latitudes (McGill U.)
Online projects with NEH support
Political Science Quarterly
Scholarly Journals via WWW (U. of Houston)
Scientific American
Simon & Schuster College NewsLink
Social Science WWW Virtual Llibrary
The Philosophers' Magazine Current Edition
WWW Virtual Library Electronic Journals


Alex A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
Ctr for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
Electronic Text Center -- UVA
Electronic Texts (Lib. of Congress link site)
ETEXT Archives
Great Books Index
ILTweb Acad. Dgtl Classics--Crito
ILTweb5 Academic Digital Text Index
Mason West's Web Pages -- e-texts, art
On-Line Books (Carnegie-Mellon)
Perseus Project Home Page
The English Server -- Texts in many areas

Leftist e-journals

Antepodium Opening Page
CinemaS p a c e (UC, Berkeley)
Critical Mass -- media studies
Cromohs -- Cyber Review of Modern Historiography
Cultural Logic--e-journal of Marxist Theory & Practice
Dear Habermas, A Journal of Postmodern Thought
geekgirl index page
JOUVERT a journal of postcolonial studies
Living Marxism Online
Mediations--online journal of the Marxist literary group
MEMORIA--Revista Mensual de Política y Cultura
Postmodern Culture (e-journal, UVA))
RUT Radical Urban Theory
Space & Culture - the dérive (Links to e-jounals)
Stanford Electronic Humanities Review

E-text Link Sites

BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library Home Page
Columbia Univ. Online Books Evaluation Project
Ejournal Site Guide
Int'l Digital Elec. Access Libr.

Geography on the Net

99 Documents about 'Teaching Geography'
American Slanguages
Demographic Data Viewer (CIESIN, SEDAC)
Earth and Sky Homepage
Geographia Homepage
GEOGRAPHY IN THE NEWS (Appalachian State U.)
Graphic Maps collection
Links from Geo-Critica (U. Barcelona)
Music from Around the World (Steve Schley)
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection--U.T. Austin
The Weather Channel - Home Page
Weather Channel for Charlotte, NC

Assorted Geography Links

Earth Works (
Latin World - Latin America on the Net
Oddens's Bookmarks (for maps & mapping)
OSU Department of Geography Resource Page
Social Science Geography
TIBG Links
UT Dept. of Geography - Geography Resource Center

Geography Departments & Individuals

Cultural Landscapes of N. Am. (Vogeler)
Edinburgh Geography Home Page
Env. & Geog at Univ. of Cape Town
Frontiers in Geography, Fall Schedule
Paul Hensel's Geography Page
Richard MacKinnon (Geog Instructor)

GIS, Maps, Mapping

CGRER NetSurfing Maps and References
ESRI Software - ArcView GIS
Essential Information's GIS Project
Geographic Information North Carolina
GeoSystems Map Skills
Initiative 19 -- GIS and Society
Links to GIS resources (Assoc for Geog Info, UK)
Map Maker - GIS for Windows
Nat'l Ctr for Geog. Information & Analysis (NCGIA)
Nat'l Geospatial Data Clearinghouse (Z39.50) Gateway
Online Map Creation
Retail Profit Mgmt Information Network -- GIS
Risk Assessment Using GIS References

Geography-Oriented Journals

Ethics, Place & Env't (Journal)--Bk Reviews
Geo Critica (Universidad de Barcelona)
Geographical Review Home Page
Geographies of Transformation (on-line journal)
Historical Geography
Mercator's World
Space and Culture - the journal
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers
Wiley Geography Newsletter

Misc. Geographical URLs

Anthems from around the World
E-Conflict, World Encyclopedia and Simulation
Geography of Religion (Morehead State U.)
Geography of Religion (Reed's Syllabus)
GeoNative - Table of Place Names
GeoNative--Put minority & native languages on the map!
GeoWeb Reader's Digest
World Time--atlas, time info, public holidays

Geographical-Style Organizations

Geography -- The Mining Company
NCGE Home Page
Socialist Geography Specialty Group of AAG
Society for Philosophy and Geography
The Association of American Geographers

Political Geography

GEOG 3513 Political Geography (G.L. Thompson)
International Boundaries Research Unit
Internet Review of Political Geography
Jane's Geopolitical Section
Links for the Political Geographer
Meartz's Geographic, Political, and Other Links
Paul Hensel's Research Page
Political Geography Specialty Group Page
Political Geography Study Guide (Robt. Lee)

Grants & Funding Sources

3. Looking for International Grant Opportunities
Am. Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)
CIES--Council for Int'l Exchange of Scholars
Council on Foundations
Ford Foundatn Predoctoral Fellowships, Minorities
Foundation Center Online
Fulbright Acad. Exchange Program (USIA)
Funding Opportunities-- Env'l Ethics Site
Grants & Fellowships (listed by APSA)
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Science Foundation - Home Page
NSF Social, Behavioral and Economic Research
Public Welfare Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Soros Foundations Network
SSRC (Soc. Sci. Research Council)
Surdna Foundation
Turner Foundation
U.S. Information Agency
US Dept of Education Topics from A to Z

Humanities & LAW

American Historical Association
Cultural Survival Canada
Learning Commons -- What is Culture
Public Space-Culture Wars
Syllabus-Cul. Commentary thru Sci Fict
The Humanities and Social Sciences Data Center
The Mongols - Medieval History Net Links
Valley of the Shadow (Am. Civil War)
Wake Forest Univ. Links Page


FindLaw - LawCrawler
Gomillion v. Lightfoot
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Law Links (Cornell Law School)
Laws Online
'Lectric Law Library's Entrance
Legal Research (Nolo Press)
LexInfoSys Homepage
Nat'l Legal Center for the Public Interest (rgt)
Net Lizard's Law Links Superpage
Substantive Law on the Web (Randy Singer, Esq.)
The Federalist Society (rgt)
The National Law Net
The Web's Legal Dictionary
University Law Review Project
US House of Repres. Internet Law Library
US House of Representatives Internet Law Library
Virtual Chase(tm)--Research Site for Legal Professionals
Welcome to the American Bar Association
WWW Virtual Library--Law (Indiana U.)

Works d'Art

Museo del Prado
WebMuseum Famous Paintings exhibition
Yahoo! ArtsMuseums, Galleries, and Centers

Institutions (Political & Private)

ATSDR - ATSDR Information Center Bookmarks
Center for Policy Alternatives
GovBot--search Govt related web sites
National Journal's Cloakroom
Nat'l Archives & Records Admin.--CFR; Fed'l Reg.
Research & Reference (Library of Congress)
Search Online Databases via GPO Access
SunSITE-based Government Documents
The Electronic Embassy
Tiger Mapping Service (US Census Bureau)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Political Organizations

Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
People for the USA (Peo. for the West) [ rgt ]

International Organizations

Europa (European Union)
European Union (EU) in the US
Gopher root at
Int'l Law, Treaties, Pacts (Yahoo!)
NATO Official Homepage
Organization of American States
The (British) Commonwealth OnLine 1998
The World Bank Group
United Nations Home Page

Political Parties

Democratic Party

(Nat'l) Democratic Party
Dem. Pty History--Net Links (Mining Co.)
HotBot results Democratic Party (1+)
MA Dem. Pty

Republican Party

US Congress

CQ's American Voter
Historical Documents (US Congress)
House of Representatives - Committees
House of Representatives -- Members
Senate -- Committees
Senator Paul Wellstone
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
US Congressional Sites (Lablink)
US House of Representatives - 105th Congress

US Executive Branch

Council on Env'l Quality (Whitehouse)
Department of Energy Home Page
US Government Printing Office
Welcome To The White House

US Government Agencies

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
Fulbright Academic Exchange Program
Office of the Director of Central Intelligence
U.S. Information Agency
United States Information Agency
US Global Change Research Group (USGCRP)

US Judiciary

Federal Judiciary Homepage
Oyez Oyez Oyez
Supreme Court (Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law Sch.)

US States

Maryland Govt--Maryland Electronic Capital
Maryland State Archives Homepage
National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
NC Almanac of Government & Politics
NCSLnet Internet Sites of the State Legislatures
NCSLnet Other State Government Sites
North Carolina General Assembly
Public Techn. Inc.--State & Local Govt Links
State & Local Govt (Piper Resources)
State & Local Govts--Links (Lib. of Congress)
StateSearch (NASIRE)
The States Inventory Project

Leftist Resources

Best & Kellner's Postmodern Theory
Black Cultural Studies Site Front Page
From Marx to Mao
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
Stuart Hall index

Frankfurt School

_Dialectic of Enlightenment_--(at
Critical Theory & Postmodern Thought (Col. U., Denver)
Illuminations--Critical Theory Website (Best & Kellner))
The UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource


Fondazione Istituto Gramsci
Gramsci (Megan Ollivier)
Gramsci Institute Foundation
Gramsci's Title Page (prison notebooks)
International Gramsci Society Newsletters
Resources on Antonio Gramsci

Leftist Periodicals

Dollars & Sense Magazine
Left Business Observer
Living Marxism Online
Mediations--online journal of the Marxist literary group
MEMORIA Menu de inicio
Monthly Review
New Internationalist Home Page
New Political Economy Journal
New Political Science
New Politics -- a journal of socialist thought
Review of Int'l Political Economy
The Journal of Political Ecology
The Nation Digital Edition
ZNet Entry Page

Marx & Marxism

Hegel by HyperText (& Marxist comments)
Marx & Engels' Writings (Carnegie-Mellon)
Marx and Engels (at Public Sphere site)
Marxism Leninism Project
Marxism Page
Marxist Media Theory (Daniel Chandler)
Other Marxist Related Sites (Marxism Leninism Project)
Philosophers--Karl Marx
The Marx-Engels Internet Archive

Misc. Leftist Links

Criticism.Com Links
Interhemispheric Resource Center
Postmodern Theory--Other Pages of Interest
RFI - Links to the LEFT
Soman's Revolutionary Socialist Resource Pages
Spoon Collective--Marx & Leftist Links (UVA)
WWW Virtual Library Labour & Business History

Lefty Organizations

Biographical Sketches of the Left [ Rgt }
Caucus for a New Political Science
Democratic Socialists of America
Duke U.'s Marxism & Society Program in Lit. Dept.
Essential Information
Frente Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
International Socialist Organization-SWP Publicatitons
Militia Watchdog
Socialist Geography Specialty Group of AAG
SOLIDARITY -- Socialism - Feminism - Activism - Labor
The Native American Adventure
Zapatista Front of National Liberation

Philosophy on the Net

Annotated Philosophers' Song
---Cambridge UP Academic Book Sale (May 1 -- July 31)
China Studies (ANU-Heidelberg U.)
Critical Hist'l Methods for Intellectual History (Horus)
Electronic J. of Analytic Philosophy
Ethics Updates (teaching ethics)
Knowledge Base Home Page
Lovers of Wisdom Web Site
One-Stop Philosophers (Sean Cearley's Links )
Philosophy (R. B. Jones site, incl. e-texts)
Philosophy The Philosophers' Magazine
Public Sphere Philosophical Resource Centre
Resources--East Asian Lang. & Thght
Study Skills (Horus)
Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
The Window - Timeline of Philosophers

Philosophy Associations, Organizations & Departments

American Philosophical Assoc.
CSICOP - Skeptical Inquirer
Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy
Radical Philosophy Association
Radical Philosophy Homepage
The Literature Program at Duke Univ,
University of Chicago Philosophy Project

Encyclopedias of Philosophy

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind - Main Page
History of Science (Horus)
Panic Encycl.--Definitive Guide to Postmodern Scene
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Texts & Contexts Resource Center (
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophy Link Sites

African and African American History of Ideas
Episteme Links
Ethics Resources on The Net
Gopher directory at
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber)
Link Page at Wittgenstein Archive (U. of Bergen, Norway))
Literary & Critical Theory (Brown U.)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum's Bookmarks
Philosophy (Galaxy)
Philosophy around the Web
Philosophy on the Internet
Philosophy on the Web (Utrecht)
Philosophy Pages
Philosophy Resources - A Routledge Guide
Postmodern Thought--links (U. of Col., Denver )
Semiotics--Links (U. of Colorado at Denver)
Ultimate Philosophy Page--Links (Shannon)
Voice of the Shuttle Philosophy Page


Ereignis -- Heidegger Links
Friedrich Nietzsche Society
Late medieval and early modern intellectual history Ockham, Scotus, Buridan
Nietzsche Page at USC (Douglas Thomas)
The Jon Elster Page
Voltaire Foundation
Willard van Orman Quine (by Douglas Boynton Quine)

German Idealists

Hegel by HyperText (& Marxist comments)
Hegel Society of America
Kant - Information Online (U. of Marburg, Germany)
Kant Links (Richard Lee, U. of Ark.)
Kant on the Web
Kant--Information Online (U. of Marburg, Ger.)
Winfried Krauß Web page -- Immanuel Kant

Philosophy of Science

Institute Vienna Circle --- Homepage
notes on - Language Truth and Logic (R.B. Jones)
OPEN UNIVERSE of the Japan Popper Society
The Feyerabend Forum WWW Page
The Karl Popper Web
Thomas Kuhn's Theory of Scientific Revolutions

Pragmatic Tradition

Charles S. Peirce Studies
The Center for Dewey Studies
William James (Pajares)
William James (R.H. Albright)


Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society
Deutsche Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft e. V.
Ludwig Wittgenstein Links (Brian Carver's site)
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Wittgenstein Archives (U. of Bergen, Norway)

Postmodern Philosophy

Cyberspace & Critical Theory Overview--Links
Literary & Critical Theory (Brown U.)

Political Science

African Studies Quarterly
Columbia International Affairs Online
Foreign Affairs Magazine
Gary King's Homepage
Institute for Global Communications
IR Dept. at the Univ. of the Witwatersrand
IR Journals, e-Journals
LSU Pol. Sci. WWW Server - Pol. Documents
Pol. Sci. Home Page -- Trinity College
Pol. Sci. Personal Homepages (Brad Jones, U. of A.)
Pol. Sci. Research & Teaching Discussion List
Poli Sci Careers (Wadsworth Publishing)
Political Methodology Section of the APSA
Poly-Cy Guide for Pol. Sci. - Personal Home Pages
Poly-Cy Resources for Pol. Sci. - Academic Positions
PROceedings--Pol. Research Online (APSA Mtg.)
Providence College Pol Sci Dept
Record of American Democracy (ROAD) Project
Richard Kimber's Pol. Sci. Resources (U. of Keele)
UCA -- Pol. Sci. Dept.
Voice of the Shuttle Politics & Government Page
Welcome to

Political Science Organizations

APSA Homepage
Canadian Political Science Association WWW Server
Cato Institute Homepage
Center for Policy Alternatives
Center for the Study of American Business
Electronic Policy Network
Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy
International Political Science Association
Int'l Studies Association
MIDWEST Political Science Association
National Association of Manufacturers
Nat'l Center for Policy Analysis
Northeastern Political Science Association
Pi Sigma Alpha--Nat'l Pol. Sci. Honor Society
Political Studies Assoc. (UK)
Rutgers Univ. Dept. of Political Science
Society for History in the Federal Govt (USA)
Southern Political Science Association
Southwestern Political Science Association
The Urban Institute
Western Political Science Association

Political Economy

Akamac E-text Links
Economic History Services
Fernand Braudel Center (Binghamton Univ.)
History of Economic Thought (archive at McMaster U.)
International Political Economy Course Outlines
IPE Links
The International Political Economy Network
Virtual Seminar in Global Political Economy HomePage

Political Theory

Chris Bertram's Home Page
In Search of Tocqueville's Democracy in America
Intellectual History - Outside the Western Canon
Kimber's links to political thought sites
Perseus Project Home Page
Pol. Philosophy & Pol. Theory links (U. of B.C)
Pol. Philosophy Reading Room (Stephen Moore)
Pol. Theory & Pol. Philosophy (LSU)
Political Philosophy Links (Kansas State U.)
Political Theorists (Yahoo! links)
R.J. Kilcullen's Pol. Theory Courses (Macquarie U.)
The Center for Dewey Studies
W.E.B Du Bois Institute (Harvard)

Political Science Internet-Oriented Classes

417 History of Social Thought (Lytle Givens)
Intro to Am. Politics (Gronke, Duke U.)
Online MA in POS (Va. Tech)
Political Science Cyberclasses (Karl Ho)
Political Science Cyberclasses
Political Science syllabi (World Lecture Hall)
POLS 327 European Integration (Trinity Coll.)
POLS312 Page (Trinity College)
PolSci Syllabi List (Central European U., Hungary)
PSCI 5116 Research Methods III
Vincent Pollard's Political Science 150 Class
Writing Assignment POLSC 1 (Wetstein) [& LINKS]

Political Science Link Sites

Greenberg & Page's Struggle for Democracy Online
National Political Index
Pol. Sci. Links (
Pol. Sci. Resources (Tsang at UC Irvine)
Pol. Scientist's Guide To the Internet (Trinty College)
Political & Government (
Political Science Resources (Rutgers Univ.)
Poly-Cy - Internet Resources for Political Science
Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
The Political Science List of Lists
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Research Resources
W3C Virtual Library Political Science
Wadsworth Pol. Sci. Resource Center


BookWire Homepage
Massive numbers of Publishers (R.B.J. site)
Monthly Review Press

Academic Publishers

Blackwell Publisher Showcase - Journals
Cambridge University Press
Columbia University Press
Cornell University Press
Dushkin Online
HarperCollins Academic List
Houghton Mifflin -- College Division
Houghton Mifflin Company
International Thomson Publishing
Interscholars Publishing Group
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publishers
McGraw-Hill Higher Education Web Site
Oxford University Press, USA
Oxford University Press
Penguin Books UK
Penguin Putnam Inc Online
Political Science at Longman
Prentice Hall
Random House Inc. Books@Random
Routledge Online

Book Stores! Earth's Biggest Bookstore - Browse Subjects
National Academy Press

Governmental Publishing Soures

CIA Publications
World Bank Publications

Reference Sources

Chronicle of Higher Education---Academe This Week
CIA 1997 World Factbook
Downloadable Data for Political and Social Research
FindLaw Internet Legal Resources
Great Books Index
Hypertext Research Paper
Information Please Almanac Home Page
IPL Reference Center
Jane's Information Group News
Library of Congress
National Journal's Cloakroom
PedagoNet..Learning Resource Center
Scholars' Guide (Richard Jensen)
Strunk's _The Elements of Style_
The Argus Clearinghouse
The World Lecture Hall [Web course resourses]
United Nations Statistics Division
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen

Search Engines Traceroute
AltaVista Main Page
Environmental Organization Search Engine
FindLaw - LawCrawler
Four11 Directory Services
Infoseek Search Engine
Internet resources (the Chronicle)
Lycos Home Page
Lycos PeopleFind
MapQuest! (consumer travel site)
Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder
Nerd World
Northern Light Publication Search
Northern Light Search
Northern Light--The Lighthouse (Newsletter & Feedback)
Various Search Engines (Microsoft site)
Welcome to Bigfoot

Travel sources

+ Flights & Prices -- Travelocity
British Airways Global Internet Venue
Travelocity Airline Reservations
US Airways

Social Sciences

ASSR (Arab Social Science Research)
CIA Publications
education & reference
Ethnologue, 13th edition, 1996
Knowledge Base Home Page
social sciences
SocioSite - Going Dutch Sociology
Wadsworth'sVirtualSociety--Babbie's Prac.ofSoc.Res.

Data Sources (Social Science)

Data Resources (ASA web site)
Economic Policy Institute DataZone
Gallup Organization
Human Development Index 1997
National Election Studies
National Opinion Research Center (NORC)
Roper Center for Public Opinion Res.
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Social Science Data Analysis Network (U. Mich)
Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG
Social Sciences Data Center -- Data Collections
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center
Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
UNDP - Human Development Report Office (HDRO)
World Resources 1996-97 Data
World Resources 1996-97 Home Page

Social Science Link Sites

Social Sciences Internet Resources
Society for Social Research Web Site (U. of Chicago)
Sociological Research Online - Home Page
Sociological Tour thru Cyberspace (Michael Kearl, Trinity U.)
Sociology of Knowledge Links (U. of Col., Denver)
Wadsworth'sVirtualSociety--Sociology Surfing
Web Sites For Sociology (tfc)


American Sociological Association
C. Wright Mills' Home Page (F. Elwell, Murray State)
Classical [Sociological] Theory Schedule (J. Hamlin)
Critical Criminology (Am. Society of Criminology)
Dead Sociologists Index
Dead Sociologists' Society
Der Winfried-Krauß-Netzplatz --- Max Weber
Princeton Department of Sociology
Resources for Sociologists (Soc., UofCol. at Boulder)
Verstehen (Max Weber's Homepage]
Weberian Sociology of Religion

The Environment

DSS Links - The Environment
Earth Island on the Web
Earth Systems Inc.
Endangered Species Act -- US Fish & Wildlife Service
Energy Net Home Page (Abalone Alliance)
Envirolink HomePage
EnviroLinks (
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Impact Analysis Data Links
Env'l Background Information Center
Env'l Law & Public Policy--Lester Syllabus
Global Change Electonic Edition Home Page
National Library for the Environment
Pace Univ. School of Law Virtual Envtl Law Library
Renew America Helpful Environmental Links
Second Nature--Education for Sustainability
Teaching Global Environmental Politics
US Global Change Research Information Ofc (gcrio)
Welcome to the Environmental Science Supersite
Wisconsin Environmental News

Environmental Organizations

Digital Library of the State of the Environment
Enviro$en$e - Common Sense Solutions
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Lies
Environmental Organization WebDirectory!
Greenpeace International Home Page
Greenpeace International Home
Greenpeace USA
Natural Resources Defense Council
Program for the Human Env't (Rockefeller U.)
The Political Ecology Group
U.N. Env'l Program

Web Resources

‡‡‡ Byte Internet Services Home Page ‡‡‡
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
APA and MLA Citation Guide
Ethical issues in Electronic Information Systems
FREE Business Clipart & Photos - web design
WebGlimpse home page


CKWS - Invisible Table Trick
Colour Selector Page
How do they do that with HTML
HTML Reference Manual (Sandia Labs)
HTML Writers Guild
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Netscape--Online Technical Manuals
Revised Intro to HTML
RGB Color Chart
Tips, Tricks, How to, & Beyond
W3C's HTML Home Page
Web Mastery--Guides to HTML (HyperNews Forums)
WebReference - Webmaster's Ref.
WebWeavers Page -- links

The Internet

HostSearch - search for web hosting providers
Internet Society
Learn the Net An Internet Guide and Tutorial
Thalia's Guide for WWW-providers
Web Interface to Whois


Cut & Paste Javascript
Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
WinMag JavaScript Resource Center

Tools for HTML

JG's Home Page - [EditPad]
Lorenz Graf's HTMLtool

Computer Stuff

Compaq Direct Plus
Share Carolina (UNC-CH net tools)
TUCOWS -- internet software


Artificial Life Online
Complexity Int'l (e-journal)
The Santa Fe Institute

Electronic Mail Order for Computer Items

Micro Warehouse Inc.

Computer E-mags

PC Magazine Online
Windows Magazine

Miscellaneous URLs

Copyright Office, Information Circulars
CSU, Chico Faculty Syllabi Index
Ed Stephan's front door
Electronic Privacy Information Ctr
Evaluating Research on the Internet
Film 140 final project
Globewide Network Academy -- Society;Politics
Inst. for Learning Techn.--Academic The Study Place
Inst.forLearningTechn.--Acad.Indices & Subject Guides
Institute for Learning Technologies (Columbia U.)
LII Amistad Home Page
Music Boulevard - Online Music Store
Nat'l Univ. Global Studies B.A. TOC
NIST Web Clock
Planet Hollywood Online
Principality Of New Utopia--Latest News
Rutgers University Libraries
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
St. John's University
SUNY Learning Network signs & ideograms
The Online Intelligence Project
TimeWarp Record Store
United States Distance Learning Assoc.
Urban Legends (Faxlore-Netlore)
Welcome to Real Education
Yahoo! - Regional--Countries

Last Updated: August 30, 1998

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