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  ZA flag waving in the breeze   The 1998 Fulbright-Hays Seminar Abroad Trip

Destination: South Africa
I was selected as one of 16 US educators to participate in the 1998 Fulbright-Hays Summer Seminar, "Overcoming the Past and Meeting the Challenges of the Future in South Africa." It was sponsored by the US Department of Education, Center for International Education, and was arranged and administered by the African-American Institute (specifically, AAI's Washington, DC and South African offices).

The trip began on June 27th with a three-day pre-flight orientation At AAI's DC office. There the participants met each other, most for the first time ever.

On June 30, we boarded a plane to Johannesburg. After more than 17 hours flying we landed at Jo'burg's airport. The flight was grueling, but the South African Airline crew was superb, at once professional and courteous. They are the very definition of hospitality.

The trip was both exciting and rewarding. I intend to write more about the trip and post it to this web site. Also, I will scan in some of the more than 600 photographs that I took while in South Africa. Some I will arrange thematically around the topic of my project for the trip. But I also will post some photos arranged for fun.

I am required to complete a project to share my experiences with my college and community. I have written a proposal to study South African heritage sites (which include monuments as well as places of cultural and historical import).

I have assembled a list of web pages in South Africa or about it, ranging from government and political organization sites to news and link sites. I've even got the South African Weather Bureau listed (which, by the way, is where I found the billowing South African flag).

Last updated: August 13,.1998

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