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People, Places, Things

¡This Page is Seriously Under Construction!

On this page I, Robert Williams, intend to include a list of links to people I know. I also plan to establish links to those people and organizations with whom I am not acquainted, yet which have something important to say on their Web pages.

I will also set up a photo gallery of interesting sites in the material realm. And I intend to create a hobbies page, setting forth at least a few of those things that I find entertaining, interesting, and just plain fun to do.

(Links to my research interests will be included on another Web page—but of course some overlap will be inevitable across my WWW site).

Connecting   to   Real   People   of   the  (Virtual)  World

Price Bldg. at LC

Carolyn Anderson  (Livingstone College)

Jonathan Reynolds  (Livingstone College)

Robert Russ  (Livingstone College)

mondrian pic
John Passé-Smith  (University of Central Arkansas)

Eluza Maria Santos  (Univ. of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Last updated: March 7,1999

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