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The Geographer

A Course of Life

R.W.'s Curriculum Vitae

People, Places, Things

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A Welcoming Statement...

You have reached the homepage of Robert W. Williams. I am an Assistant Professor at Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC, where I teach a range of courses in the Division of Social Sciences. My training is in Political Science (see my c.v.), but my research and teaching interests are decidedly inter-, if not also multi-, disciplinary (see the appropriate sections on this homepage).

I use the Net extensively for my own research. I hope to convey that herein via providing some "useful" references and resources from across the vast reticulated world, as well as via humbly offering some of my own content. I do plan to update this site regularly.

The Groves of Academe

Course Syllabi
Political Theory
US Political Thought
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Research Interests

Links to various facets of my research

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Last updated: March 1,1999